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23 March 2009 @ 12:40 am
fic: she's a lady.  
Title: She's A Lady
Author: posthuman
Rating: PG-13? Haha, I'm not sure.
POV: Third.
Disclaimer: FAKE FAKE FAKE. Own no one. Except for the girl.
Summary: Cassie is fed up with Nick being a party pooper.
Author's Notes: Title taken from an FTSK song. :D

Meet Cassie Carr. She’s seventeen, a budding model, daughter of a famous music video producer, Shenae Grimes look-a-like, life of the party and Nick Jonas’ girlfriend.

She and Nick met at her dad’s office when the Jonas Brothers approached Stavros Carr to produce one of their music videos. Cassie joined in on their meeting and in the entire duration, she and Nick, the youngest out of the three, kept throwing glances at each other.

It wasn’t long before the two of them started going out.

Simple and reserved, Nick was the type to take his dates to good-quality restaurants or basically an afternoon or night around town. He didn’t really care much as long as he got to be with Cassie. Cassie appreciated all his sweet gestures and they loved each other very much, but if there was one thing Cassie wanted to change about him was the fact he could be such a party pooper, always raining on her parade. He would make her feel guilty if he didn’t like what she wanted to do and Cassie had no choice but to give up and go with Nick’s decision.

She tried to shrug it off, but it finally got to the point wherein she felt embarrassed and angry.

It happened on a Friday night. Cassie had an after-party to go to after walking on the runway for one of her favorite underground designers, Black Chandelier. One of the accessories was to have a cockroach; either you hold it on it’s jeweled string, or have it acting like some sort of brooch.

Cassie was all up for it, but Nick decided to butt in and say things like what if the cockroach suddenly bit her, or it would fall off and she’d accidentally step on it. Cassie rolled her eyes and still went for the idea. After all, this was her career, not his. What right he did have to tell her what to do?

The after-party happened at a famous nightclub in New York City. They haven’t been inside the venue for 10 minutes when Nick already wanted to leave. Cassie raised an eyebrow at him and spoke with a tone of annoyance.

“Why in the world would you want to do that?”

The party was beginning to liven up. They were even serving shrimp cocktails and sushi, for crying out loud. Cassie lived for sushi and she didn’t want to leave without having one. And besides, everyone would see her leaving. People will get the wrong ideas.

Nick ignored her question and his eyes shot to the glass Cassie was holding. “What are you drinking?”

“It’s just Four Seasons, Nick. Lighten up.”

“Yeah? Well, they probably spiked it with vodka or something. Next thing I know you’re going to be all over the place.”

Cassie was taken back. She couldn’t believe Nick was insinuating about her possible drunk behavior. She has never even gotten drunk in her entire life! What more when saintly Nick Jonas is her boyfriend, and besides, it’s bad image. What hurt the most was, Nick sounded like he meant for it to be spoken out loud.

Nick watched her stare at him. He could see her eyes beginning to be glazed with tears. Shit, Nick thought.

“Um, Case? It’s alright, we can stay.”

Nick tried to take back what he said, and he really wanted to stay on her good side. Who knew what Cassie was capable of doing?

“You can fucking leave if you want to, but I’m staying whether you like it or not.”

“Case, c’mon, I’m not leaving this place without you.”

Cassie closed her eyes and took a deep breath. She had to ready herself for what she was about to say, and hoped that Nick was ready to take it all in.


Right. So that night ended with a big bang.

Cassie and Nick fled out of the scene and thus began the fighting.

“What the hell is your problem, Nick!?”

“Problem? I don’t know what you’re talking about, Case.”

“Oh my god, don’t act like you don’t know! Jeez, Nick. You’ve done nothing but criticize every move I do. You don’t trust my decisions and you especially don’t trust me.”

“What? Case, I trust you! It’s not like I hired a spy to tail you down all the time. That’s psycho talk.”

“I wouldn’t be surprised if you actually did that.” Cassie scoffed.

“Seriously, Case. What is this all about?” Nick walked towards Cassie and placed both of his hands on her shoulders. He looked straight at her hazel eyes. “C’mon, try to calm down and tell me what’s wrong, then maybe we could fix this in a proper way.”

Cassie sighed. She always had a bad temper. Only a few people know it and have seen it. This was the first time Nick ever got to witness her anger. She’s not really proud of it either.

“Nick,” she finally calmed down. “Why do you always have to be such a party pooper?”

Nick was silent. “Is that it?”

“God, Nick. This is a big deal for me! Seriously, you always see the bad side in the things I do. You rarely see the opposite and I’m sick and tired of you always nagging at me to change my ways. And guess what, I tried. I’ve put up with your bullshit and did everything to make you happy. But this is the final straw.”

Nick suddenly grew scared of what was about to happen next.

“Why don’t you try to change, Nick? I’ve done it, put up with it even though it’s out of my state of normalcy. I did it all for you because I love you, okay? I’ve done serious changes to myself just to give you a nice impression about me. Seriously, you don’t even know who I was before you met me. I used to be out all night, living it up with my friends and just doing crazy stuff with each other.”

“Case, I would’ve loved you just the same even if you’re all that.”

Cassie shook her head. “No, you wouldn’t, Nick.

Nick sighed. “Alright, I probably wouldn’t, but that doesn’t matter anymore, right? You’re what you are right now and that’s what I love about you.”

“Nick, what I’m trying to say is: I was the worst before I met you and when I did, I changed all of that. Why can’t you do the same for me?”